Why would you choose me for your translation needs over one of those translation agencies that promise you quality translations cheap and fast?


If you decide to go with a translation agency you normally will have no direct contact with your translator. In fact, you cannot even be sure that said translation agency is the one translating your content.


By choosing a freelancer over a translation agency you can ensure consistency in use of terms and language over several projects. If you go with an agency you can’t even be sure that you get the same translator the second time around.


You get what you pay for. If you pay the translator a hundred bucks directly instead of an agency you allow him/her to spend the time he/she needs on your project to ensure good quality.


As you might now realize it doesn’t have to cost a lot more to have your own translator ensuring great communication, consistency and quality than the cost of hiring a translation agency. Meanwhile you can rest assured that your future translation needs will be cared for.

My skills

After several years as a translator, and hundreds of thousands of words translated, I have gained experience in a great many fields.
Prices vary depending on a number of factors, use the contact form for a quote.

Before starting my translating business I worked in many different fields giving me a unique insight when it comes to those. I have worked in the IT/tech business as a support engineer, I have worked in customer service and in the travel business, where I started my trip to becoming a full-time translator working in-house for a company in Berlin.

I have also studied literature, creative writing and Swedish at Lunds University in Sweden. All my experiences, working and living abroad, studying, working within different fields and so on have all proven useful to me as a translator.

Given my experience I consider IT/Tech, travel and website localization to be my main fields, however I have vast experience translating for online gaming sites, manuals for machine components, technical manuals and much more. I will not take on translations for fields where I feel I can't do the text justice or where a certain expertise is needed.


    Full-time translator since 2011.


    I believe all translation work to be transcreation, as it's a matter of re-creating original content in a new language.


    Editing/proofreading is an important part of the translation process. If needed I can put you in contact with another freelancer for editing/proofreading my translations.


    I also do subtitling on a regular basis, I have translated numerous movies, tv-shows, trailers and such.


I am a 34 year old Swedish native. I have worked in the translation business since 2011 and finally I now get to travel the world
doing what I love, working with linguistics.
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Freelance translator
Working with translations since 2011. I spend my free time playing the guitar, watching football, reading books and enjoying great food.